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ABOUT Green Leaf

Jiangsu Green Leaf Boiler Co., Ltd., founded in 1954, is one of the earliest Chinese enterprises that engage in the manufacturing of utility boilers. Our

main products include utility boiler, gas turbine heat recovery boiler, and pressure vessel. Our company has a building area of 150,000 square meters

out of a total floor space of 400,000 square meters and has approx. 1,000 employees. Up to now, Green Leaf has won many honorary titles such as

high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu, famous trademark of Jiangsu, famous-brand product of Jiangsu, Jiangsu Research Center for Utility Boiler Engineering

Technology, workers vanguard of Jiangsu, private technological enterprise of Jiangsu, and national enterprise with AAA-level standard good behavior.  


Our company commits to manufacturing and regards becoming a highland for manufacturing boiler for the world as our development strategy. We also

engage in realizing a strong base orientation, intelligentization, and globalization and in producing superior boilers and clean energy for the public. All

the Green Leaf people are grateful to the users, the employees and the society. Now Green Leaf is marching forward toward a brilliant future.   

profession, dedication,

and professionalism

Corporate spirit

meet customer needs and create

value for customers

Corporate style


shoulder responsibilities

and be grateful

ABOUT Green Leaf

Corporate objective

pursuit of excellence and

take the lead in the industry

Corporate principle


ABOUT Green Leaf


ABOUT Green Leaf

    From 1954 to 1969
    basic construction

  • in 1954

    Our company was formerly known as Danyang Huangtang
    Tiemuzhu Agency which was founded
  • In 1962

    In 1962, Danyang Huangtang Agricultural Implements
    Repair Factory was founded.

    From 1970 to 1993
    transition period

  • In 1970

    our company gradually changed from manual operation to
    semi-mechanization,and has expanded forging, casting, and metal
    processing. We have produced various practical water pumps (irrigators).
    Our company was renamed as Danyang Water Pump Factory and our workers
    increased to over 100 and annual production value
    amounted to more than 500,000 Yuan.
  • In 1971

    Danyang Utility Boiler Accessories Factory was founded.
    In the 1980s, our company was repositioned and established Danyang
    Utility Boiler Accessories Factory which engaged in the production of
    accessories for industrial boilers. Our factory became partners of the boiler
    factory in Wuxi and Shanghai successively. At that time, our
    factory expanded production scale and purchased new devices.
  • In 1986 and 1987

    our annual production value was doubled continuously
    and amounted to over 3 million Yuan. At the same time, we had more than
    300 employees and became the key enterprise of Tanghuang Town.

    From 1994 to 2001
    reform and development period

  • In 1994

    In 1994, our company took the lead in carrying out reform
    and recombination in Danyang, and turned from a collectively-owned
    enterprise to a private enterprise. We also succeeded in producing
    pressure-containing members for 10t/h - 75 t/h industrial boilers,
    and we could turn out 300 tons of products every year.
  • In 1998

    we obtained the Production License for Level-B Boiler Pressure-Containing
    Member as issued by Jiangsu Provincial Labor Department.
  • In 1999

    it was the 45th anniversary of our factory. Our factory was renamed as
    Jiangsu Green Leaf Environmental Industry Co., Ltd.
  • In 2000

    our company obtained the ISO9002:1994 quality management system
    certification and set about making joint effort with the research
    and development institutions in Beijing to produce fume gas
    desulfuration equipment. The product enjoyed a ready sale in Shanghai,

    Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and other provinces, cities
    and autonomous regions.
  • In 2001

    our company entered into cooperation with Shanghai Boiler and
    Guangdong Boiler, and we came to turn out products from industrial
    boiler components to utility boiler components. Our production
    value of 2001 was doubled to over 20 million Yuan.

    From 2002 to 2011
    a decade’s rapid development

  • In 2002

    our original factory was expanded and put into operation. We
    also obtained the level-A boiler (except boiler barrel) as issued by
    the State Administration for Quality Supervision
    and Inspection and Quarantine.
  • In 2003

    we had a merger with Danyang Huangtang Steel Mill. The Pipe Workshop
    of Factory No. 2 had been constructed and put into operation.
  • In 2004

    it was the 50th anniversary of our factory which was renamed as Jiangsu
    Green Leaf Boiler Accessories Co., Ltd. A new round of
    pioneering and development was started.
  • In 2005

    we had a merger with Danyang Hangtuang Xielian Power Plant.
    To make more input for technical reform, we invested a total of
    approx. 50 million Yuan to build a new standard workshop of 25,000
    square meters. Besides, we introduced another two automatic
    assembly lines for pipes which enable us to process 25,000 tons
    of pipes annually. At the same time, we obtained the
    ASME“S” steel seal of the US.
  • In 2006

    we obtained the US ASME“S” steel seal certification for
    three factories. The new workshop of the third workshop was expanded in
    a full scale and put into operation. Besides,
    we obtained the production license for grade-A boiler.
  • In 2009

    it was the 55th anniversary of our factory which was renamed
    as Jiangsu Green Leaf Boiler Co., Ltd. We also cooperated with the
    Institute of Thermal Power Engineering of Zhejiang University
    for the research and production of hydraulic soot blower.
  • In March 2010

    we obtained the manufacturing license for pressure vessel A1
    high pressure vessel (single layer only) and level-A2 type-III
    medium pressure vessel, and obtained the US ASME“U” steel seal.
  • In August 2010

    construction for heavy volume workshop was started. In 2011,
    construction for the heavy volume workshop was completed and the
    workshop was put into operation.

    In 2012
    significant development for the future

  • In 2012

    our certification for quality, occupational health and safety
    and environmental system passed the examination and the certificates
    were renewed. We also approved as the high-tech enterprise
    of Jiangsu.
  • In 2013

    Green Leaf and Green Leaf Boiler was rated as famous trademark
    of Jiangsu and famous-brand product of Jiangsu.
  • In 2014

    our company made active efforts in obtaining the CE certification. After
    cooperating with transnational enterprise Hanwha, Alto, and
    Mengdong, we cooperated with the Turkey project once again.
  • In 2016

    The new plant of 27,000 square meters was completed and
    put into production. It was used in the production and manufacture of the
    waste heat boiler module of HRSG gas turbine
  • In 2017

    we set up the Danyang Enterprise Academician Workstation.
    The Green Leaf manufacturing base of Shanghai Boiler Factory
    was founded.


ABOUT Green Leaf